Author J C Christian – Incest Survivor.

International Women’s Day 2015

As many women out there will know we are celebrating International Women’s Day today.  

With that said, we at Plaisted Publishing thought it would be great to introduce you to new and up and coming author J C Christian.  

J.C. is an Incest Survivor who wishes to help and give hope to other women (and men) who have been through abuse.  It is time to bring it out into the open, it is time to keep our children safe.  Please read about this author on the below interview, and consider helping those most vulnerable, OUR CHILDREN.    Thanks

Introducing up and coming Author J C Christian – An Incest Survivor

Tell us a bit about yourself.
Today, I am a practicing social worker working primary with people with mental illness. I am happily married to a great guy who understands the special issues survivors face in intimate relationships. My husband David and I have no children though I have several nieces and nephews I love to spoil on a regular basis.
What brought you to the world of writing?
Before I could read, I loved to have people read to me. Stories could take me away from my own life and swept me off into another world for awhile. I don’t remember making a conscious choice to be a writer. From the time I learned to put words together, I wanted to make my own stories I think it’s just part of me. For me, I see writers as artists. The paper is our canvas and words are the brushes we use to paint a scene or convey an emotion in the minds and hearts of our readers.
What is your first book and what do you think of it now?
Actually, my first book is in the process of being completed now. It’s called
“Reaching for the Light: A Survivor’s Story” and it tells the story of my recovery journey being an incest survivor.  Writing this book has been really therapeutic for me and it is my gift of hope to other men and women who I know are out there still suffering. 
It is possible a similar photo to this will be used on the book cover.  Consultation is still on going.
What type of books do you write and do they fulfill your reader’s needs?
So far, my writing has totally non-fiction. My hope is that “Reaching for the Light” will fill a need among survivors and the people who love them so they know they are not alone.
Would you like to feature a book, if so which one?  Tell us about it?
Yes, there are two books I believe should be in every survivor’s library. The first is “‘The Courage to Heal” By Ellen Bass and Laura Davis. There is such incredible information in this book, its a must have for every survivor. 
The other is “The Sexual Healing Journey” by Wendy Maltz.  Ms. Maltz discusses the sexual healing issues faced by all survivors with such candor and yet sensitivity. My husband David and I have done some of the exercises in the book and found them very helpful.
How long does it take you to write your first draft?
I don’t know, it’s not done yet lol! But for sure its been several years in the making
Do you write in 1st or 3rd person, or have you done both?
Right now, i’m writing about myself so its in first person but I’m thinking my next project may be 3rd person.
How do you edit your work?  Do you leave your draft alone for a while or edit as you write?
Both. I’m getting better at doing a free flow draft where I just write without worrying about editing and then go back later but this is a new approach for me because traditionally I am one to edit as I go making sure each part is fully complete before moving on.
What type of people/readers do you market your books to?
My hope is that other survivors will find hope and inspiration in my book,. This includes their spouse and/or partners and families who love them. My hope is survivors will find valuable information on the ones they love.
Do you self-publish or have you worked with an Agent/Publisher
I looked at a big publisher here and found out that once they purchased the right to the book, they could do anything with it they chose. This is my life and I want to tell it my way so was thrilled to find this publisher  – thank you JC
Do you promote your reading
As much as I can and with help from those around me.
Where can we buy your books?
This is still undecided given the book is still being completed
Who are your favourite authors?
I love Maya Angelou, Harriett Lerner, Susan Forward, and Dave Pelzer’s “Lost Boy” serie.
Do you have any more information you’d like to share with us? 
Yes, the last estimate I heard  there are approximately 40 million people in the Unites States right now who are victims of incest and child sexual abuse. 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 5 boys will be victims of sexual abuse by the time they are 18. That’s a horrifying statistic and we, as a nation and a society had better pay attention. When I was in college I did a research paper on the child sexual abuse and the criminal justice system and from that I learned most of these crimes are committed by Caucasian men between the ages of 35 and 70 and most are well educated. And most frightening of all, most perpetrators of this crime are known to the victims.