Rachel Stiber – Indie Author

New Indie Author Rachel Stiber, brings us her first book along with a stunning book trailer.


Hi Rachel, please tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m a wife, a pet owner, a teacher, and a writer. I have lived in Poplar Bluff, a town in southeast Missouri, all my life. My husband Sean and I have been married for almost seven years. Although we have no children (yet), we are the proud “parents” of a lovable dog and three rambunctious cats. I teach English Language Arts (a combination of literature, writing, spelling, and grammar) to a group of amazing seventh graders.

When I’m not teaching, I enjoy spending time with my family, writing, reading, participating in our local community theatre, crafting, and baking.

As of August 25, 2014, I achieved my life-long dream of becoming an author.

What bought you to the world of writing?

I have wanted to be a writer since I was four years old. I guess my grandfather who sat me on his knee and told me impromptu stories that he created inspired me to create stories of my own.

What is your first book and what do you think of it now?

I started writing in the fifth grade, but I didn’t finish my first actual book until 2013. I completed many plays, articles, and short stories throughout the years.

My first actual book, released last year is called Elise’s Choice. It may not be a best seller (yet), but I’m pleased with it.

What type of books do you write and do they fulfil your reader’s needs?

Although I generally read anything EXCEPT erotica, I prefer fantasy. Naturally, that is what I enjoy writing. My novel is medieval-style fantasy. I love the medieval period, but I didn’t want to remain within the confines of history. So, I created my own “world” complete with seven kingdoms. However, I have only developed one of the kingdoms. The others are name-only at this point.

As to fulfilling reader’s needs . . . well, it may not be for everyone. However, for those who enjoy medieval-style fantasy with a dash of suspense and romance, it should be a pleasing read.

Would you like to feature a book, if so which one? Tell us about it?

So far, I elisechoice small copyhave only have one published, Elise’s Choice. Here is the blurb:

A stranger, A legend, A choice that will change Elise’s world

Elise and her best friend Anton grew up in the medieval village of Petheralm, where life, though hard, is good. When a stranger arrives in her village injured and unconscious, his handsome face and sweet demeanor capture Elise’s heart.

However, according to ancient legend, the forest surrounding their small town is enchanted, and any stranger unworthy to enter the village would be stopped there. The village is leery of this stranger and wants nothing more than for him to leave.

Elise pays no mind to the silly legend, and is shocked to discover that he’s no ordinary peasant as everyone first thought. Before the stranger is strong enough to leave Petheralm, she is forced to make a startling choice between following her dreams and following her heart. Although Elise feels strongly that she made the correct choice, the day soon comes when she and everyone she loves must deal with the repercussions of her choice.

I am currently working on the next book in the series, which I call Maidens of Petheralm. It isn’t necessarily a sequel since all of the books will be stand-alone stories. However, they will share a setting and many of the characters.

How long does it take you to write your first draft?

The idea for Elise’s Choice came to me twelve years ago in 2002. However, it did not take me that long to write the story. I immediately plotted it, wrote two chapters, and set it aside to attend college. It never left my subconscious and in late 2011, two colleagues encouraged me to return to it. I completed it, edits and all, in January 2014.

It takes me a little longer to complete a first draft because I have a full-time job (teaching) and write in my spare time. I would love to focus more time on writing, but that is not feasible at this point.

Do you plot or not, if so why?

I always outline the entire plot before I begin writing. I use the basic Roman numeral outline I teach my students.

Do you write in 1st or 3rd person, or have you do both?

I prefer to read books written in first person because I feel like I am experiencing the story with the character. Therefore, I prefer to write in first person as well.

How do you edit your work? Do you leave your draft alone for a while or edit as you write?

I edit each chapter after I complete it. Then, I send it to my peer-editing group. When they finish with it, I immediately look over their suggestions. Sometimes I edit at that moment while other times I wait until I have a moment of writer’s block.

Once the novel is complete, I edit and re-edit. I edited Elise’s Choice at least ten times before I submitted it for publication.

What type of people/readers do you market your books to?

My novel is considered YA/Teen fiction, but adults enjoy it as well. Several of my seventh grade students have also read it and loved it.

Do you self-publish or have you worked with an Agent/Publisher

Creative Prose Publishing, an independent publisher specializing in clean fiction, published Elise’s Choice. Their website is http://creativeprosepublishing.blogspot.com/

How do you promote your writing?

I promote my work through social media, other authors, and my website. However, I still have so much to learn.

Where can we buy your books?

Elise’s Choice can be purchased at the following links:

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Elises-Choice-Rachel-M-Stiber/dp/1500816582/

Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/elises-choice-rachel-m-stiber/1121227999?ean=2940151725835&itm=1&usri=2940151725835

Createspace: https://www.createspace.com/4947807

iBooks: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/id968534532

Kobo: https://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/elise-s-choice

Scribd: https://www.scribd.com/book/255863777/Elise-s-Choice

Inktera: http://www.inktera.com/store/title/b8b9e3ae-817a-4fe9-bf8f-e28fa21428d3

Who are your favourite authors?

Asking me to choose a favorite author is like asking me to choose a favorite book, and in the words from Danielle de Barbarac from Ever After, “I could no sooner choose a favorite star in the heavens.”  However, there are several authors that I frequently read. They include Anita Valle, Rae Carson, Agatha Christie, Shannon Hale, and Gail Carson Levine. I also make it a point to read books by independently published authors.


Rachel’s Ramblings (my website): www.rachelstiber.com

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Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8460777.Rachel_M_Stiber

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