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Hidden Secrets is the book I am showing you today.  This is the first book in my Garrett Investigation Bureau Series of which five books have been published.  I am at present re-doing the book covers and giving each book a new title to help with sales.  Enjoy

hidden secrets canvaThirty years earlier……

The testing had gone well.  Two of the women were pregnant.  He was well pleased with how his plans progressed.  It was a pity Joseph found out what he was up to.  No doubt he’d have to clean up in the not too distant future.

 His baby would be trained even compelled to learn to the highest levels; his DNA included the best of the best genes.  He couldn’t wait for the women to birth these babies.  Hopefully, this time everything would go well.  He didn’t want to lose any more whores he’d picked up off the streets.  It was the only reason Joseph found out.  Muttering angrily slamming his fists on his desk he continued to plot his babies’ lives and education.

Twenty-seven years ago……

Garrett Investigations Bureau had grown substantially over the last twenty-four years.  Head office was in New York along with a training ground at Trengrove. 

Joseph Garrett started the business in late 1985 to investigate people who thought themselves above the law.  Working along-side government agencies his agents helped bring down hundreds of diabolical people.  Sadly in 2010 Joseph Garrett was murdered leaving the business to his son Malachy, who was one of his top field agents. 


Malachy’s worst nightmare had come true.  He felt like an office droid, hating every single moment of the paperwork. He’d never wanted to be the boss. He’d enjoyed the field work far too much.



Irritated, she couldn’t explain why everything was going so wrong. Just for once it’d be good to have positive energies in her life. Sighing deeply, she took her long slim, graceful hands from her face running them through her waist length hair. Wrenching herself out of the leather seat, she stood letting a quiet breath of frustration escape her.

Anastasia was a beautiful woman with long wavy black hair sliding over her shoulders to her derriere; emerald-green eyes usually sparkling with mischief stared around the office listlessly.  To look at Ana had a fragile frame with delicate bone structure, her face almost pixie like; a pointed jaw with high cheek bones a small straight nose. With her slim, willowy figure, many people made their first mistake; she wasn’t weak at all; men soon amended their ideas quickly. Ana was a strong woman who weight lifted more than twice her body weight.  She loved to see the shocked faces of her work mates during her training. Ana knew she’d many extraordinary skills.

Anastasia paced angrily in Malachy’s office, lifting precious items off shelves, putting them down none too gently.  Flicking through Mal’s collection of books, she noted they looked exceptionally old.  She’d never seen so many before; at home she only read e-books.

The office door jolted open making her jump swinging round, the little colour she had quickly draining from her face as she stared at the most intriguing male she’d ever known.  Snapping shut the door with gentle force she realise she was in big trouble.

“What the hell do you think you’re playing at Ana? For god’s sake that was just dumb. You’re meant to be my top agent,” he stormed.

How did he do this to her time after time, her heart pattered quickly at the sight of him, his melodious voice stirring her.

“Hi Malachy,” she said softly.

“Is that all you can say,” he flung back furiously, throwing files on his desk. “What’s the matter Ana? I’m sure you do this on purpose just to irritate me.”

“Wrong Malachy,” she replied calmly, lifting her chin looking him straight in the eyes “I’d not intended this to happen.” Shoving her hands in her jeans pockets, she turned away stalking angrily over to the floor to ceiling windows looking out over their bustling city.  Calmer now; Malachy looked at her lithe body partly in shadow. “What did you intend?  You must have known it’d end in disaster.” He said softly as he calmly walked over to her.

Standing side by side they watched as darkness rolled across the sky, night beginning to draw in, street lights flickering on.

“What am I going to do with you Ana?  Everything you touch recently turns into a riot to some degree.  It’s as if you have a death wish,” turning he looked down into her perfect green cats’ eyes.  She felt herself tremble as he lifted her chin, wondering why Malachy suddenly affected her this way.  She couldn’t move.  It was like the headlights of a car immobilised her.

“Mal I just need to find out why this happened.  I promise I won’t screw up again.” His thumb smoothed its way across her lips; her heart stuttering, Ana knew she needed to step back though she didn’t have the willpower to do so.

Her lips were so soft to touch, without thinking Malachy lowered his mouth to hers, pressing gently his lips slid enticingly across her firm, lush lips as his finger had, enjoying her taste.  Her shiver made him pull back, realising with an explosive breath what he’d done.

“Apologies Anastasia, I’d not meant to do that, it won’t happen again.” Malachy turned walking quickly back to his desk sitting on the corner he wondered distractedly what to do.

She was sharper than any agent he had. Quick on her feet, intelligent with a great talent for hiding in plain sight, how people missed her he couldn’t understand. His body craved her in a way he didn’t comprehend. Crossing his arms, he tried to calm his breathing.  Glancing up towards Ana, he watched her lift her head, her emotions once again in check.

“Mal, let me sort out my own mess.  I need to finish gathering the evidence, or this case will be closed unfinished.  I won’t let those bastards getaway.  I want to see them go down for good.”

“They know who you are Ana, you were bloody lucky to get out with your life last night, never mind without a bloody scratch.”

“You know my talent Mal.  You know I can do this.  They won’t recognise me at all.  I promise no mistakes this time.”

Malachy sighed disgusted with himself knowing damn well she was right. “This is your last opportunity Ana, screw up and you’ll be on leave back to the training ground where you’ll stay until everyone agrees you’re ready.”

“Yes sir,” she replied, a bright grin lighting up her face.  A beauty Malachy was fighting hard to avoid.

“Get out of here Ana, finish your assignment.  Once done get your ass to Trengrove. Don’t forget I want your report on my desk by week’s end.”

Head held high she strode out of his office without looking at him, still she felt eyes and smirks on her as she walked through the outer offices. They were all probably wondering what she’d done this time. 

About Author

Hi my name is Claire Plaisted and I live in New Zealand.  I am married to a most wonderful man and we have three children and two cats.  I am the author of many different genre’s of books.  They include Garrett Investigation Bureau which is a series of books about the people who work within the agency.  Mystery, Steamy Romance with lots of twists and turns.  I also have several short stories, on is a Thriller called “The Diary of an Psychotic Killer.”  I also a young teens book called “Zoe’s Journey,” along with a book based on what my youngest daughter would have been like if she had survived infancy.  I have also written Fantasy and two Contemporary Romance Novella’s under  the name Beth Bayley.

My first love is Family History which I research and format books for clients along with formatting books for those who wish to self publish

All my books are available on Kindle, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and most main online stores.

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