You’re Reading WHAT!!

You’re Reading WHAT!!

“Nope sorry you’re not allowed to read that book, it isn’t published.  It was only printed and printed POD for that matter.  This just won’t do!  You have to follow our lead!  We know what’s best for you to read!  All the book we market from our Publishing Houses are well written, well edited and proofread – not one mistake – and they have the most awesome covers.  Now get a grip and go to you bookstore and buy a real book by a real author.  Ignore the rubbish you find at online bookstores.  They’re pathetic.”

Can you imagine been told what to read.  Personally I know I would rebel, especially now I know better.  I have read some fabulous Self Published books. If you believe the first paragraph then please read no further it may just spoil your day!   Meanwhile, the majority of readers have read Self Published books at some stage of their lives, some do so daily, though many don’t realise the original book was Self Published.  Lets look behind the scenes of so called traditional publishing!

As a Reader why do we all follow the lead of big Publishing Houses and read only what they provide. They publish books and tell us the public this is what we should be reading!  And yes we have been listening to them for over 100 years.  WHY

Going back in history everyone knows that publisher’s didn’t exist until about 100 years ago (give or take a few years).  So what makes them so special now.  All they are doing is making money out of Authors and giving you a tiny share of the profits they call royalties.

Virginia Woolf

Virginia Woolf – books to be found at 4th Estate – Books for the independent readerThe Bronte Sisters, Edgar Allan Poe – information to be found at Edgar Allan Poe’s History. William Shakespeare and many more were all written and printed at a printers shop none were published like we do today. Even older books were hand written and bound or on scrolls – Maybe even the bible.  Look at how famous these authors and the books all became!  Now is the time for self publishing to re-establish itself so Readers of the world can have pick any book they want, instead of what Traditional Publishers throw out to us.  After all we know there are some really BAD Traditionally Published books out there in the world over the last few years.

Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe

It’s not that I think Indie Authors should reign supreme. However, they should be given the opportunity to have their books put in front of readers worldwide so they get more variety.

 Many writers are continually rejected by Traditional Publishers, not because they can’t write. In fact they never give you a good reason when they do eventually get back to you.  “Sorry not what we want right now,” to me is a pathetic excuse.  They either don’t like your story, though it is more factual they can’t or don’t think they can make enough money out of your work. After all they are a business. Needless to say most authors even through traditional publishers now have to do the majority of their own marketing.  It is sales which win the day, which is stopping you enjoying literature to it’s full extent.  Don’t let publishers win the day and tell you what you can and can’t read.   Read an Indie book today and enjoy a good read.

Like with anything else there is good and bad literature out there, though at least with Indie you get to decide what to read rather than a Traditional Publisher giving you no option other than what they think you will buy.  So change your ways and buy Indie.  You will be pleasantly surprised.

Indie Author Database

One my next post I will discuss how Indie Authors work, what we have to do to get out books into public viewing and how to get them noticed.