Interview with Gabriel of Claire Plaisted’s Secrets Past Aka Rosetta’s Lot *NEW

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12071400_10154238693928448_188845498_nHello, I’m Thanna A. Setliff and I’m interviewing a mysterious man known only as Gabriel.  Gabriel,  from my research you don’t seem to exist before five years ago–why is that?

If I knew I’d tell you.  I have no clue to anything prior, no memories, nothing.  If you do find anything, please let me know.

That must be horrible, not knowing.  What challenges does that give you?

None so far, though I’m sure It’ll change at some stage.  People do find it weird I have only one name.

What line of work did you decide on and why?

I help others who are in danger from unknown threats.

That’s elusive, much like the women you’ve been seen with, here in White Mountians, a Rosie Cuthbert and Amanda Smith.   Are you involved with one or both of them?

I’m  taking in the scenery and of course the lovely women… He smiles…

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