Illusional Reality

Plaisted Publishing

Book Cover Sample 1.jpgKarina Kantas is the author of the hit MC series OUTLAW She has been writing since 16 and was first published when she was twenty. Move along a few year Shh She is now an author of eight book and nearly thirty non-fiction publications.

As well as writing, she narrates small excerpts on video and audio for other authors and is also a VA helping authors with promotion and marketing and getting their book and name out there.

You will find her on the island of Corfu in Greece sipping frappes while her imagination runs wild.

Illusional Reality

Nobody expects to stare death in the face only to find out your entire life is a lie. Rescued by Salco, marketing executive Becky finds herself in an unknown magical world filled with happy people that try to forget their land is on…

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