Second Top Entry for Sponsorship Voting

Plaisted Publishing

book-1012275_1280Well this is the exciting part for everyone…  We have chosen the two best entries for the Sponsorship of 2016.  Below is the first 1K of one of our competitiors.  Please read it.  If you like it, that will be considered your vote.

If you are members of ‘The Awethors,’ Author Professional Co-op,’ or Author 4 Author then you can vote in those groups too via a poll.  Thank you for participating.

Competitor Two

The Grubbers Book One.


Collie’s Growler assault craft with two Interceptor class Falcon escorts swung in low orbit above the planet Armon waiting on countdown to planet drop. The configuration reminded her of the last operation on Jimson Three. That was another rush job covering someone’s arse. Intelligence had screwed up yet again. The first troop elements had grounded in the middle of a multi battalion sized firefight. Murphy’s Law, the brawl they were…

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