I love writing, because I can kill people off.  Warning to family, friends and enemies – you may just find yourself at the wrong end of the gun or knife and be sliced or diced, depending on my mood.

I’m not usually one for deliberately killing characters off, however after a few irritations in recent months, I am seriously thinking about it. What better way to make me smile and relieve my stress, what little I have.


Frankentech by Mike Elliott

One of my stresses recently has been my technology dying or doing silly stuff, ok so not a character, I could still write something and probably be funny about it too. my new buddy. He keeps me level-headed and kicks serious ass when something technology links or items go wrong.

Frankentech is my saviour, he helps me each and everyday – even when the internet goes down – with his jokes and compassion, his loyalty and kick ass attitude.  I think we all need someone like this.  I hate it when technology fails, generally I lose parts of manuscripts. Oh yeah i have stuff backed up, however when it is sudden…there isn’t much you can do except scream in frustration.

This year I have had my laptop back at factory settings three times, I bought a tablet hybrid and an external hard-drive  All good…until the darn external hard-drive decides to get a loose wire and stops working, meaning I can’t get at my latest stuff or just about anything.  Yeah silly me was only saving to the external…duh.  

Now I have everything saved on One Drive, Google Drive, External Hard-drive (I hope to have working in the next couple of days – hurry up postman)  and saved to my computer as well, and away we go again. Fingers cross Frankentech and I will make more progress this time and actually get some books out for you lovely lot to read.