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10616266_1468076420145386_6606341483130415792_nMichelle Diana Lowe is a British Author of Multiracial Books which deal in Young Mental Health Issues.  Her Dream to to achive a signing with Britian’s Next Bestseller, helping to draw in more readers and understanding of Mental Health in Youth.  PLEASE support this author by pre-ordering her book today.  You can find the link here : Broken Roots


Overview of Broken Roots

1465057343454To mend her broken roots, Teisha must look beyond her origins…

Broken Roots is a gripping and compelling story about a teenage girl’s hidden life, fractured ties and shocking family secrets.

This powerful novel enters the turbulent world of brave and courageous teenager, Teisha Cole, who’s betrayed by her birth mother and sent on a whirlwind journey to find a loving foster home. It is an extraordinary tale filled with love, betrayal, suspense, crime and mystery, that will take readers on a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

Broken Roots is a multicultural novel for older teens that may also appeal to adults. The book embraces the #WeNeedMoreDiverseBooks campaign.

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Broken Roots


Genre: Suspense/Crime/Thriller

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Seventeen-year-old Teisha Cole lives in the lap of luxury. On the surface, you would think she was happy. She is an inventor’s daughter, and moved from London to Florida after her father’s invention made the family millions. This young woman has everything, it seems, except for love, kindness and affection. Following a huge argument on a trip to grandma’s house in rural England, Teisha insists on being adopted. Finally, she will have a loving home with Grandma Dana. But when Dana dies suddenly in a tragic accident, her life changes forever…

After Dana’s funeral, Teisha is re-planted in the English countryside. In this unstable home, peculiar things start to happen: her father’s unexplainable illness, the disappearance of the family’s wealth and her mother’s shady dealings. Slowly unravelling are secrets, the family’s deepest, darkest secrets. Turning detective, trying to discover the real truth, this young woman finds herself in grave danger. As the authorities investigate the mysterious happenings in the Cole residence, an expert game of cat and mouse begins. Soon, Teisha is taken on a whirlwind journey across the country, in search of belonging and a new home.

Will she ever find a safe haven to re-plant those damaged roots?

This fast-paced novel will take readers on an emotional rollercoaster ride from start to finish.

Michelle Diana Lowe was born in East London in the early 1980s. She grew up in the London Borough of Newham. Writing from the age of six, Michelle wrote short stories, poems and novels, to self-heal from a somewhat difficult childhood. After graduating from Roehampton University in 2005 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature with Philosophy, Michelle started working as a Children’s Centre Administrator, where she helps and supports others by way of referring and signposting families to key services. Over the years, Lowe has also discovered novelists such as Zadie Smith, Malorie Blackman and Andrea Levy, who have inspired her to pursue a career in publishing. Since her early 20s, Lowe has crafted powerful and diverse novels that centre around young mental health and gender violence. These punchy novels tackle teen issues.

In January 2015, Michelle’s debut novel UnShatter Me was published by US Publisher UrbanEdge. She in the first, and only, UK author to be published by this American company. Appearing on the Chrissy B Show and featuring in The Voice Newspaper and the Newham Recorder, Michelle has received national exposure and recognition for her writing. Lowe was signed by Britain’s Next Bestseller in May 2016 for her second novel, Broken Roots. As a published author with urban foundations, Lowe has a commitment to bring more diversity and multiculturalism into the publishing industry.

When she is not writing, Michelle loves watching period dramas, US shows and blockbuster movies.