From Author to Indie Publishing Company

Authorship and Publisher

Plaisted Publishing

A short  blog on my business.

Some of the questions I am continually asked is – How & Why did you become a Publisher? Why didn’t you stick it out as an Author. (I am still an Author.)

I have no idea who knows what rules on Amazon and other similar websites, so the first part out-of-the-way is – Did you know authors who live in a country without an Amazon site don’t get paid out straight away. (28th each month)  This means in the four years I have been an author, I have yet to be paid.  Amazon won’t pay out until you reach the $100 threshold or equivalent in each country you sell in aka  USA, UK and Europe and Australia. As you can well imagine from this comment, I don’t sell many books at all. There again I don’t overly market them either.  On Smashwords it is…

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