Indie Publishing News – Update

Do you know anyone with a Service Animal. Find out a bit more about them in my next Indie Publishing News.

Plaisted Publishing

Hello everyone

Issue 4 of the Indie Publishing News is due out on 10th of August.  It will be a tad different.  This time along with the usual I will be highlighting andhelping to teach you all about Service Animals, in particular Service Dogs.  If anyone has any other Service Animals with stories I would be delighted to know about them.  

swimmer-802890_1920 A Service Dog with his Owner

I have been learning about the difficulties some people have with knowing how to deal with Service Dogs, what they can ask, what they can do and if they really are a servce dog.  Like many things in life today, there are those out to take advantage of the system which gives real Service Dogs a bad name.   One of the things I have noticed is that not all Service Dogs are one breed. So think about what to say, ask…

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