Truly an Author

The last few months have been hard to deal with.  A lot of negative vibes impacting on my life as a publisher, author and in general.  Yep, I was broken.  Now I am on the mend. Slow and steady, taking time for myself and my family. Spring cleaning, de-cluttering and having some fun as well.

Truly an Author.

Yep that is me too.  I am not sure who knows and who doesn’t know this about online book sales.  Be it kindle, smashwords or createspace etc.  They all pay out once you hit $50 or $100 US dollars if you live in New Zealand.  There is no monthly payments.  In fact, there is no payment until you have the numbers.  Mine has taken 3 years. I suppose it could have been shorter if I had marketed better, though 3 years ago I was still learning the ropes.  In fact, I will always be learning.  So I finally got my first ever payment.  Yes it is exciting. Not only am I now a published author, I am now one who gets paid.  It is a wonderful feeling.  

On a local scale, I have an article in our free newspaper for my book ‘Girlie and the War of the Wasps.’  The article is well written, my photo…oops, mind I had been sick just the day before. Recovering is sometimes a slow process.  Hopefully this article will create sales for the chosen charity and help beat diabetes with a cure.

This is a lovely come back from so many negative influences in my life.  Time to get on and get sorted. Edit a few more books, and finish others. I know one thing I will be doing in future and that is blocking anyone who can’t leave positive comments on any posts I make.  

Thank you for all the support from the last three years.  You have all been amazing.