Mojo has disappeared

For a prolific writer, my mojo has gone.  The muses are quiet, how the heck they can all be thinking at the same time I have no idea.  I actually have a bit of time to write and..BAM gone.  Maybe it’s been to cold for them here in New Zealand, though spring is on the way, you can smell it in the air – well when it’s not full of sulphur.  

I have been working on several drafts recently, most of them old ones which need finishing.  Fun times, I’m wondering if my lovely muses have forgotten the story lines – no wonder they need to think.  I can’t say I have writers block either, or I wouldn’t be writing a blog.  Oh the days of…

Soul Man

Soul man is a story of a young native american whose body is washed up on the shore of New Zealand. He finds himself looking down at his body in shock when a dog jumps on him and a Kiwi lass finds his body.   Is he dead? Is he having an out of body experience? What is his name? Some of the questions he trys to unravell over the following days.

Reed’s Bounty

Did you enjoy reading and watching Mr & Mrs Smith.  A couple who didn’t know they were both operatives.  Well Meet Reed who is a retired Assassin and his lover Bounty who is a retired operative.  Unlike Mr & Mrs Smith, they are not trying to kill each other, they are trying to work out who is after them, or which one of them is on the target.  The past comes back to haunt the present. Who can help them find the truth or will they lose their lives trying.

The Mystery at Crosswick Manor

This is the first book I ever wrote and due to changes in how I write, I am still having problems with it.  A lot of my books are – or so I’ve been told – like watching a movie. With Crosswick there is lots of swaps and changes of POV, there are about six or more lead characters – Downton Abby anyone? So what does one do.  

The story starts with a servant girl called Jane who is laying a fire for her mistress.  The mistress is near destitute – in the rich world – and a widow.  He childhood beau returns and the first romance and mystery starts.  There are at least four romances in the story, along with backgrounds and social history.  After all, I am told you don’t have to write a story with only one protagonist.  The mystery is over various missing items which are thought to be stolen by the staff as they left due to lack of money.  Like any good book, you have to have a villan as well. His story is rather sad, and he may not be as bad as he seems. Will all be well in this late Regency novel? Will they solve the mystery or has a series been born?  Hopefully later this year you will find out.

The Quest for Pedi’s Family

Another of Girlie’s Adventures.  This time she is off hunting for Pedi the centipede’s family.  He thinks he is an orphan because he doesn’t remember his family. All his life he worked in a wasp hive in charge of the babies the Queen wasp delivered.  Now that all was been set right at the wasp hive, Pedi was suddenly without a home and family.  Or was he.  Will Girlie and her new friends find his family? What will they find in the dark musty area of the garden called Compost Hill?  Book one is at all mojor online stores now.  By September/October I hope this book will also be pubished.  Also don’t forget when you buy a copy 40 % of the net earnings from the book will go to charity.