Devils Own. A Work in Progress

Muses come and go quite a bit over recent months.  Suddenly i had an image of a young girl stuck in my brain, she was crouched on th flag stone floor, her knees drawn up, her head down and her arms wrapped around her knees.  I could hear her crying.  I wasn’t sure what was going on!  Was this a dream or was it real?

The following day I opened word and started to type.  A horror – a nasty beast, and innocent young woman in days gone by.  The beast enjoyed eating the young flesh of the women.  I’m not sure if any of them are human or which world we are on yet.  I know they are in a castle. I know the beast can be burnt by the rain as if it were acid.

It seems my dark muse is here…I have no idea what she wants or where she will take this story. I have no idea if it will ever be finished either.  Though I thought you’d like to read a bit and tell me what you think.  So here is a couple of pages of Devil’s Own – a WIP – first draft

Devils Own

The wall was wet against her naked back. The rattle of her steel cuffs around her wrists could be heard as she raised her head, letting her lank dirty red hair fall across her eyes as she stared into the darkness. Her eyes were dull with the horrors she’d already suffered at the hands of her kidnapper.

Her wrists were rubbed raw, her emaciated body shivered.

Crimson felt her heart stutter with growing dread.  She wasn’t alone. Her body tensed at the fetid smell of the air as it swirled around her.  Moaning softly, she blinked her dry eyes.

“Please.” She begged through dried cracked lips

She gasped, her eyes widened as red eyes bored into her soul, hateful, and malicious. A finger scraped over her breast, the nail cutting through skin making her whimper.  The beast flicked out it’s long black tongue, lapping at the blood eagerly.

“Let me go,” she muttered hoarsely.

Its hand stroked her face softly, slowly moving over her starved naked body, down to her feet which were splayed apart by another set of cuffs.  The beast sucked one of her toes before biting down hard, tearing it off. The girl tried to scream for mercy.  Standing up the beast slowly ate her toe, spitting out the nail and sucked it until he held the bones. Slowly the beast shaved the bones to thin point with his claw like fingernails, and with a harsh laugh he forced the spear like bones through her ears, lapping up the drops of blood making her shudder

“You are mine for ever,” he whispered.

Her head dropped, sobs escaping her lips, her eyes so dry, no tears were to be had. 

The beast touched her again, its nails slicing down her body from between her breasts to her belly button. He supped her blood, slurping with gusto until it felt her body relax into unconsciousness.

“Nearly time for a replacement,” he muttered.

It picked up her face, knowing her end was near.  Letting her head drop down he left the dungeon in disgust, slamming the steel door. Drawing up his hood up, hurrying into the maze of dank dungeon corridors in the castle an evil chuckle echoing back to terrorise those who lived upstairs, beyond his control.


Setting his trap, the beast crouched down to wait, wincing in the rain which was acidic to his skin.  He loathed the rain, each drop made him hiss in pain as it burnt away a layer at a time. The forest trees stopped most of the rain touching him, along with his black cloak. He waited quietly, knowing she would wander into his trap soon enough.

The beast had watched her for days, saliva dripping from his mouth in anticipation of feasting.  He loved young flesh, so tender to eat, their blood sweet, regenerating his ugly skin.

A twig snapped, his attention was caught a small evil smile curved his mouth. He watched the leaves shudder, a small delicate hand pushing them out of the way. His eyes widened in delight as she stepped into view, her long blonde curls touching her waist, her cornflower blue eyes alight with mischief. Her gown fell to her ankles, the colour matching her eyes. 

“Tis beautiful here,” she smiled and began to sing.

The forest stilled enjoying the trill of her voice as she stepped closer to her fate. She twirled around, picking flowers, bringing them to her nose as her voice soared. Birds listened, rabbits stopped for a moment watching her enjoy the spring day.

“Another,” he muttered, rubbing his hands on his cloak. “Two more steps… Got you.”

A sudden scream rent the air, the girls arms flailed as a rope caught her feet. She found herself swaying in mid-air.  Hearing a noise, her head twisted around until she was looking at a dark chest.

“Let me down this instant,” she ordered. “My father will…” her gasp of horror was silenced as their eyes met and a gag was stuffed in her mouth.

“You are mine now,” he whispered, his tongue washing over her face, enjoying the freshness of her skin.  “I will enjoy you after the other has gone.”

He cut her down, tying her arms and legs, slinging her over his shoulder he made his way deeper into the forest towards his hidden dungeon in the castle he called home.