Indie-pendent Author and Proud

A Chaotic Mind - Andrew Fairchild

I always get people coming up to me asking how did I get started as a self-published author.  My reply is always the same, through a lot  research and great connections.  After years of rejections through traditional publishing houses, I got lured in to publishing my first book with a vanity press.  A vanity press is basically a publisher whom the author pays to get their books published and trust me, there are a lot out there.  I like to call them preying presses because in actuality they prey on those authors who long to see their book in print, but can not get it picked up by a traditional publishing house.

I got hooked by Xlibris.  It’s not that they are awful to deal with, on the contrary they had an excellent sells department. My experience turned sour when they released my first book as a softcover with a price of $15.99.  I…

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