Awethology Light and Dark Anthologies Celebrate 1 Year

Celebrating Awethology with The Awethors. My short story is in Awethology Light and is a Teen Fantasy.

Plaisted Publishing

Yep. You heard it hear first!  The Light and Dark Awethologies are  celebrating a year of FREE Downloads.  That is over 2,500 downloads between the two books on kindle alone.

This was a journey and a half to produce with early 50 authors and 50 short stories or poems written, edited by a team and publishing by my company for FREE. These books are aroudn 600 pages which consist of around 25 stories in each one.  Some wonderful stories.

What did we learn?

#Awethors as a group discovered TEAM WORK, we discovered diversity, plenty of challenges.  These books are FREE! The group use them as give aways and promotion to share and introduce their fans and readers to new authors.  For some of the participants – it was the first Anthology they had ever participated in.  It took many months to organise and with the right team in place we…

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