Finding My Way Back

Forgiving yourself to help FIND your way back to the real you and HEAL

Pattys World

Patty L. Fletcher
October 2016
Hello Readers!
I hope this day finds you well. I’m writing today to let you know of my plans to try to find the path back to the goals I had when I first began my journey of writing. It is my hope that with this writing I can undo some of my past, and enable myself to go forward into the future in a better and more productive way.
As many of you know I have made many mistakes in the last few years. Some of those mistakes have been very costly. I have lost friends and even family due to these mistakes,and I’ve come to realize that sometimes no matter how many times you apologize, no matter what you do some simply will not give you a chance to redeem yourself no matter how hard you try. The rational part of my mind says walk away. You’ve done…

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