Erupting Lake Rotorua

Ohinemutu is the Maori village beside the lake at the bottom of what we call Hospital Hill.  It is beautiful with its church, marae and steam billowing from the ground and waterways.  The smell of sulphur is something you have to get used to.I was last down in the village for ANZAC Day – our memorial day for those lost during the World Wars. I watched the dawn break over the side of what was once the edge of the volcano crater in which we live.As many of you know Kaikoura has recently had some exceptionally bad earthquakes, some of the movement was felt here in Rotorua. Our Musuem is damaged, though everyone hopes it will be mendable.  Last Monday at 4am, Ohinemutu had a water eruption close to the lake shores, waking many of those living in the village  A geyser of water shot 20 – 30 metres into the air.  It must have been an amazing if not scary site.  Yesterday they had a smaller eruption, the water bubbled, exploding 1 – 3 metres in the air.  Caught on video this time. I can’t beleive how close the gentleman got.  To me it looked the a hot mud pool bubbling hard.  I really do wish I could show you. This photo shows The church at Ohinemutu, which is right on the lake.  Through the grasses you can see steam rising off the water.  I am not quite sure where the eruption happened. It was in the area over the railing, possibly closer to the church.  this photo was taken by me in a carpark overlooking the lake.  The island in the background is called Mokoia Island.  Though that is another story

Source: Erupting Lake Rotorua