Government Gardens, Rotorua, New Zealand

For the first time in years, my husband had his first free weekend from work, so we went out together.  We had a blast.  First having morning tea, then catching a movie, lunch and… a beautiful walk at Government Gardens.  I vibrant and busy tourist attraction with – well I like to say two bathhouses.  The first is now a museum.  The Bath House was planned and built in 1902. However one wing was missing.  It was only recently added making the Elizabethan style building looking complete for the first time since the plans were drawn up. In the next picture (below) is the other Bath House.  Today is is part of the museum as well as a place used for wedding receptions, and one swimming pool is still open to the public to use. As you can see from the gardens.  There are quite a few bowling greens, croquet etc today.  However we also have many walks tourists can take, one shows monuments about the part Rotorua took in the World Wars. (Another post soon)  You can view weird and wonderful trees, natural hot water pools (Rachel Pool) and Sulphur Point. ( I will post on Sulphur Point later in the week.) Some areas are fenced off for safety.  Below are a couple of photos I thought you’d like. This is the main entrance into Government Gardens.  In the background is one of our oldest hotels.

Source: Government Gardens, Rotorua, New Zealand