To Go from She to He; Or He to She

Thank you for sharing this C A Keith. It is a wonderful read and Mel is an extremely luck young man.

C. A. Keith

img_9565 His struggles are real but I will always walk hand in hand so support him.

Transgender. It’s a word we are all getting familiar with lately. From famous people like Chaz Bono, Laverne Cox, and Caitlyn Jenner who all are transgender. There are many misunderstandings about transgender. How can we walk amongst transgender people without discrimination? Should we bring more attention/awareness? How does one bring the topic up? When is it the right time? Or should we just butt out!

Transgender: Transman/Transwoman?
Transgender is a person who feels different from their assigned gender from birth. 
Transwoman is a woman who was assigned male from birth. Likewise, Transman is a man who was assigned female from birth.

Gender identity is a person’s subjective feelings or sense of what his/her gender is which is often different from the assigned gender from birth.

Transition is the process of adopting this new perceived identity…

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