Who do you Market?

What is your BRAND and How do you MARKET it?

Plaisted Publishing

After an interesting discussion with a local bookstore owner, I started to wonder a bit more about MARKETING.  Who or what are we MARKETING.  The books we write or our author names.  Think about it for a moment.  Big business sell their product because the consumer likes their name. It attracts attention. Next they do mouth-watering  adverts to entice you inside.

MacDonald’s anyone?  Golden Arches, Ronald McDonald…We all know this business with their huge logo which is totally in your face.  KFC, Nestle etc. You name it and they all have huge signs grabbing your attention prior to trying to show you how good they are and yep we know some aren’t good at all…Though looking at the second stage of marketing, – what they sell and how they sell it.


How can we sell our author names to the public. How…

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