Death of a Child – Anastasia

My husband and I went to see our youngest daughter the other day. We lost her nearlly 14 years ago, aged three and a half months. A delightful baby who came, saw, conquorered and left again like a rainbow through the sky. She was an accidental child, though much wanted and loved by us and her siblings. Anastasia was down syndrome – we knew this prior to her birth.  What we didn’t know where some of the other genetic conditions which came with her. Genetic condtions we were to find out our other children have, though one still isn’t proven. (Another child has heart murmurs and another can’t swallow large tablets making us wonder if they have a restricted throat condition.) We weren’t overly surprised about the heart condition due to the fact it runs through my husbands line.Ana was born with Duodenal Atresia and needed bowel surgery within three days of her birth.  All done and mended.  Then the problems started to arrive.  We already knew she had a heart condition (A V Canal).  It seems they were wrong.  She had 5 heart conditions and Trachael Stenosis.  It was a combination of these which meant she wasn’t going to stay with us for long.The mutli heart conditons were found after she passed.  The Trachael Stenosis – diagnosed twelve hours before she passed.  As her parents we knew something else was wrong, there were so many signs and all were ignored by the doctors.  They never investigated why they couldn’t put a feeding tube down her throat, they  never investigated why she never came off her oxygen which she had for a supposed cold.Yes, even 14 years later it hurts and I want to scream.  Yes we moved forward and dealt with her loss each and everyday.  She did leave us with a rose.  It was a cut rose we recieved which grew roots and has flowered in abundance ever since. Love you my precious girl.

Source: Death of a Child – Anastasia