The Elamites – update

Well after much research to find out more about them, I found they were from what is now known as IRAQ. A fastenating culture who built ziggernauts with dried blocks of clay, very like the bricks we use today.  They were dark skinned, black haired and had a brilliant culture, with politics, rulers, gods and godesses.  They fought hard and generally won.  Until the Assryans decimated them, turning them into slaves and wiping out their cities. So the jungle story won’t work.  It was time for a re-write, which is still in progress.  Though the Elamites weren’t only female, I decided to keep this part, making them look more like a sect of the Elamites, worshiping a goddess.  Of course the women will have to have black hair and dark skin tone too.  I place this sect close to an oasis type area at the edge of a city with jungle close enough to hide the enemy.  Glad this is fiction to be sure.  Helps you get away with a few things. So will see if this works. If not then it was only a prologue.  I can scrap it anyway.Below is a photo of the Ziggernaut.  Today it is a world heritage site.  Photo has Creative Commons Licence -

Source: The Elamites – update