Hiding behind Hogwash

Photo from Pixabay. Hogwash.  The world is full of it in many different categories. How much more can we stand to read, listen to and watch.  How much more negative and bull can the media come up with to help get our backs up over stupid little stuff while they laugh behind our backs, and those running the show do as they wish while we aren’t watching.There is so much good going on out in the world today.  Beautiful positive people, those helping others, those of generous spirit.  Even children are joining in in different areas. A big one is bullying.  Then you get the idiots attacking these wonderful people, looking for the negatives of those who have turned their lives around to become better people.  Sorry folks, we’ll just make more laws and write more negative rubbish to make life more difficult for you.Teachers in general are bloody amazing, they’d be even better if they had less paperwork to do and could teach more like they used to.  Generations have missed out on how to raise children.  They dont know how to budget, cook, garden or shop.  Whose fault is it.  You can’t always blame the generation before.  Somwhere along the line a corrupt idiot had an idea and got it passed into law.  The law is an ASS.We should never forget we are all one. We are the human race. We are all equal.  We are born equal. We grow apart due to culture and heritage etc.  All which is learnt from birth.Who am I to say this.  I am me. I like me. I am accepting of people and with every negative bit of hogwash thrown my way, I will go and hunt down the positive within.  Many of the human race need to grow up, open their eyes to the damage they are doing to each other.  A beautiful, diverse race. THE HUMAN RACE.No I don’t have all the answers.  Though with positivity I will build on what i already have and do.

Source: Hiding behind Hogwash