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Yes, that’s me.  One of millions out there who write for the pleasure and share because they can.  Of course there are those who write for the money too, though it is tough to make the big time…even if you want to.I’m what they call “seat of my pants writer.” I don’t plot or plan though I do discuss ideas with other authors, writers, readers and friends.  My work generally flows well and is in simple English. Now here is the sticking point – English.Why? You may ask..  Because English is different worldwide. Spelling, grammar, word usage, cultural usage. It can be highly entertaining and amusing. It can be damn right annoying to.  

Take an anthology like”Ghostly Writes” or “Into the Abyss”  Both are full are great stories by Indie Authors from around the world.  They tend to be edited in the English grammar of the country of originof the  Author.  Nothing wrong with that until someone says “YOU NEED MAJOR EDITS” In a review (Ghostly Writes)  Excuse me…Didn’t you read the blurb saying they are stories from around the world.  How would you know if it needs edits?  Are you an International Editor who can Edit all the different types of English worldwide.  NO of course they aren’t.  Daft sods.

There are (as far as I am aware) no International English Editors and I’m blowed if anyone thinks It should all be in American English.Due to traditional publishing a lot of book worldwide are now in American English.  Sorry mate, that ain’t my standard.  I became so annoyed with reading English Regency Books in American English that I stopped reading them and proceed to write a series of novels set in America in British English.  Ok Petty maybe, but you know what it is fun and I’ve enjoyed writing the series so far.I enjoy the Indie Author world because we can write with our own voices, it doesn’t have to be for profit, it doesn’t have to be your bread and butter income.  

I love the Indie Author world because we generally stand together, helping each other with positive feedback. Sadly – like in most work places, there is backstabbing and trolls. The other day I saw some reviews on Goodreads.  A website I have yet to work out (it still confuses me).  One person or reviewer had reviewed about 6 books by one author.  They had only read the first one and gave one star to all of them.  How do I know.  Because I know for a fact that all the other books are not on sale and haven’t been for over a year. (yes I know the author)  How can they get away with this.  TROLLS…grrr.  I still remember one of the comments they made which made me laugh – It showed a lack of understanding of International English.  I was so tempted to reply – no I didn’t.

Meanwhile I still enjoy being an Author.  What I love more though, is being a Small Press Publisher.  Helping others along the way with my magazine, sponsorship and yearly anthology – all which are FREE (yeah conditions apply, only to futher everyones reach and social media presence).  Giving back to a community I love is important to me and who I am.Give Indie Authors a go. Grab a book, yes I know there are some bad ones out there just like there is with trad published books.  Anyhow give them a go.  Read for the enjoyment, not for picking on grammar. Even mine isn’t the best and that is because I use a mixture of UK, USA and New Zealand…Makes a good story though at times.Cheers

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