Why I won’t be in a hurry to ask bloggers to review my book in the future

Hugs. I have no words about the reviewers other than ugh. People can give low reviews and still be nice about it. Stay strong. Keep giving. I also support charities with a book series.

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All writers know that they mustn’t respond to negative reviews on Amazon, in public forums, or on other sites, we must just bite our tongues and move on. But then I read an article by another author who found himself in my same position, and allowed himself the freedom of his own blog to write his feelings about the situation. And I thought, what a great idea! My blog, my space, my chance to answer. So here goes:

When I released my debut novel, Walls of Silence, I read that one of the best ways to get publicity was to ask bloggers to read and review it. After asking several, I found a blogging team willing to help out. I sent off my copies to two reviewers, happy that my book was finally going to get some exposure.

What I didn’t expect was the hurtful negativity that came out of…

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