What I need to Learn

Featured Image -- 1610Book Releases are hard to do. In fact the life of an Indie Author is difficult and time-consuming learning all the different things you need. As you may see many saying – It doesn’t stop at the writing.  In fact though the writing can be hard work…It can also be the easiest part.  AFter the first draft the real work begins.

Wait I have that wrong.  The work begins before you even start writing.  After all you need to find your niche readers, the genre you wish to write, connections, email lists, websites, blogs and don’t forget social media.

Then you need a business plan.  What do you want to achieve? Are you writing for readers? For money? For fun?  It is for you to decide what your journey is going to be. Your goal, your dreams, even when they change like mine did.

I am having an amazing journey.  With each learning curve, each change, experience and connection with other authors and business all over the world.  What is my story?  Strange you should ask that.

I never knew I could write stories, it happened by accident or perhaps by chance.  Since our family first bought a computer I have researched family history. Discovering my husbands line – OMG a right lot they were… Helping others with their research and formatting family history books for clients who wished to give gifts and sell books at reunions. I loved it.  Then writing took over.  Though I still do Family Research, I don’t do as much as I used to.  

I learnt a lot about English Language and how much it has changed since I attended school. I learnt how to create the correct type of document for editors and agents. I learnt when to laugh and when to rant.  My first novel (still not published) was Historical. Of course after a friend reminded me about 1st person and 3rd person along with present and past tense, I recalled how people spoke in Regency times (to a degree), what type of words were used (I generally kept with simple English needless to say) and what type of scene they were used in.  For example at a country house there would be a Cook not a Chef. In fact Chef’s weren’t much heard of even in London Town (Ton) unless you were incredibly rich – and they were generally French.

You can see straight away I went about things the wrong way. Not that I knew any better at the time. I was after all writing for fun rather than to sell anything.  I’d been bored waiting for information to arrive for a Family History book.  Anyway I continued to write, submitted a few manuscripts, got rejected and then found out about the world of Indie Authors.  YES.  And this is where I deviate yet again…

I still wasn’t doing things in the correct order. Actually I still don’t…oops.  What happened was my next learning curve.  Formatting! Learning to produce a book which was acceptable to use on Createspace and Kindle and pass their review. I LOVE FORMATTING. What did I do next?  I opened my own Publishing Company to help others. It is a continuing story of three years of growth and learning with over 25 clients.  It has been amazing.  Though not for my own novels.

I am a prolific author.  I have about twenty-six books published which few know anything about.  Why?  Because I don’t follow the rules for success. Many are at present being updated, new titles, covers and I still don’t do anything the correct way. 

What is the correct way?

Well though I am learning and reading, I now don’t have times to help myself get noticed. I’m more likely helping another author or growing my Publishing Company.  When I do have a moment in time I will read up on marketing and getting my name out there as an author. 

What I need!

A PA – which I can’t afford

A Street Team – which I don’t have time to run

An ARC Team – to assist with getting reviews

An Editor – yeah you got it, I can’t afford one…lol

A Marketing Guru – still learning.

So It seems I will be stuck for a few more years as an Author while I grow my Business as an Indie Publisher.

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