My friend Draggy


A Rootschat get together…wish I’d been there.

When I first started to write I was part of a group called rootschat.  This website is where folks gather to research family history and make friends with each other and this is where I met Draggy. He was one of two people who influenced my writing when I first started in 2012.  He was adorable, intelligent, knew his stuff and had a book of his own which he’d been trying to write for ten years…He scrapped it in the end much to my dismay.  I probably only have one item he wrote…It is something I will go and look for. He helped me with fight scenes and grammar along with getting the right view point. 

In my first book he became a main character…well his name did. Even with this book he helped with the history from the Regency era…in face a lot of folks from rootschat did. It is an amazing place to get information for historical books.

So why am I talking about this wonderful young man (Greg)  Well today I learnt he had passed away.  He always knew he would die young though it is still a shock to my system and I had a bit of a cry right in the middle of the pub over my lunch.

I can’t tell you how much his friendship and advice meant to me.  His sense of fun and humour and how he enetertained my eldest daughter on FB messenger with his jokes and intelligence.  It was like having a younger brother.  I will miss him terribly. In fact I have done so for nearly 18 months.  I’m not sure why, though he must have known what was going on and perhaps not wanted to upset his friends with his illness.

I will always love you Greg. You will be missed by us all. Claudia will no tresure the joke books you sent her and plans to write a poem about you and how you helped her in life.

Thank you fro being our friend until next time REST IN PEACE.