On Pantsing.

I have many drafts in the works. Muses leap from one to another…I nearly always add on to the original draft.

JRBee Creations

Going into the cold I found myself with the time to get some writing and editing done. Once it hit, however, I found myself with no concentrations to give. But that nice sweet spot between creativity and tiredness was lovely.

On the couple of days that I did manage to write it was a glorious sensation of progress. I weaved in my old draft with the new by writing the bits that needed to be added, and tweaking stuff that needed to be rewritten. I’m currently four chapters into the rewrite. Well, the current rewrite, in which I have changed the entire world construct.

I’m hoping that this is the last draft before the round of rewrites. I know I need to develop a few of the characters, but I can polish their personalities in the edit.

I have a massive amount of envy for those that can produce a clean draft…

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