Novel Writing: Adding Humour to your Story

Mu muses have a bad…ok good habit of adding in humour at the most unexpected times…

Uninspired Writers

Morning all,I hope you are all having a wonderful day. (And a wonderful Easter, if you celebrate it!)

Today is apparently National ‘Reading is Funny’ Day’ – I mean it, it’s not an April Fools joke!

So, I thought it was the perfect day to speak about adding humour to your story, and making your novel funny. This is NOT a subject that has come naturally to me. I struggle to add humour into my stories, even though I think I have quite a good sense of humour in my real, day to day life. But as I push through this struggle of making readers laugh, I have come up with some tips and advice, that I hope you will find useful.

Don’t forget to comment below or message me here if you have any advice, questions or stories.

1. Use the right character
I think the most important thing…

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