Your Life Will Never Be Normal

Glad I never wanted to be normal…

Meg Dowell Writes


You will never JUST have a nine-to-five job, if you ever have one at all.

You’ll never be content making money just doing one thing, just working for one person.

You won’t ever sit back, look at your life and think, “Yeah, this is fine. I can’t do any better than this.”


Why? Because you are a writer.

You have been blessed, and/or cursed, with a mind that never sleeps. And dreams that never cease. You have ambitions, even if you aren’t naturally an ambitious person.

You float around the real world with fake stories in your head. You exist in a dimension that will not adapt to your kind — so you must, somehow, mostly adapt to the preset parameters of this realm you never asked to be born into.

There are rules, and you’re expected to follow them — unless one day a miracle strikes your…

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