AUTHOR’S CORNER: Tales of Spring by, Phyllis Staton Campbell

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Hello to all.
Campbell and I are back with another interesting contribution to the Author’s Corner.
Here, Author Phyllis Staton Campbell shares with us some thought provoking Tales of Spring.
If you enjoy these let Phyllis know.
You can comment back here in the comments or see her contact info when you keep reading after her tales are done to learn all about her many books, and how to find them.
As always, thanks for stopping by. Come again any time.
Now, here’s Phyllis and her Tales of Spring.


By Phyllis Campbell
Our special March-April, 2014

As I write this, in early January, we’re in the grip of the coldest weather we’ve had here in twenty years, according to the Weather Bureau. Spring seems like a distant dream, perhaps a fantasy.

Although maybe not considered a hobby, I and many others have an interest in legend and…

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