Should you go to a book fair as an author? #AuthorToolboxBlogHop #AmWriting #WritersLife

Book Fairs…Should you attend. YES

D.E. Haggerty

london book fairAlthough everyone says you should ask the difficult question, the question of whether you should attend a book fair is not a difficult one. The answer is easy: yes or maybe YES! Before I get into the nitty gritty of why you should attend, let’s talk numbers because authors LOVE numbers. How much does it cost to actually attend a book fair? I recently attended the London Book Fair. As I live on the continent, my costs included hotel and train travel. That’s not entirely unusual, however, as you can’t count on an awesome fair like the London Book Fair happening around the corner. So, here are my numbers:

Train travel (Eurostar) = € 160

Hotel = € 117

Fair = € 52

These costs are not necessarily representative of your travel to a fair. First of all, I decided to attend LBF way late, which meant my train travel…

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