Mothers Day Sneak Peek

Treat your Mom on Mothers Day…Doterra are a fantastic company and their oils are sublime. My daughter uses them frequently.

Pattys World


Does anyone want to spOIL their mom or grandmother (or anyone in your life who is a mom) Doterra is releasing these 3 new oils which are expected to sell out fast. (They do every year). Descriptions of the oils are down below. Make sure you put your orders in for this right away, or let me know if you will want to purchase this beautiful gift. Sales begin on the 17th. πŸ˜€ Available in US and Canada.


πŸ’—Pink PepperπŸ’— (Sweet, Spicy, Fresh, Slightly Fruity)-Aids in Digestive Issues, Great for Disinfecting, Supports Immune System, Energizing, Uplifting, Increases Alertness, Decreases Muscle & Joint Pain

πŸ’šGreen MandarinπŸ’š (Tart, Bright, Crisp)-Very Helpful for Nausea, Great for Disinfecting, Supports Respiratory Function, Promotes Clear Skin, Toning & Tightening Effect on Skin, Supports Tissue Regeneration, Reduces Scarring, one of the absolute gentlest oils of all time

🧑Star Anise🧑-(Spicy…

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