Write Better: Writer’s Block

My muses tend to go on holiday aka writers block so I will go and write something different….It is probably why I have so many draft books. 🙂

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First let’s know what we’re dealing with here.

Writer’s Block: The condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing.

Writer’s block is torture. I for one get it all the time. I just so happen to be in one of my block phases now. While I can still pop out a cute little article in just an hour, working on my own book is a whole other story. When you’re in the middle of a book and lost your ending, that really sucks! So that wasn’t the case this time, but you get my point. Writer’s block sucks and we need to get it under control, so that ending comes back to us, in vivid details, to finish our books!

So let’s jump into some things you should try when you’ve lost your train of thought.

  1. Look at books- I find a…

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