Can Someone Steal Your Book Idea?

My brother once said there are 10 stories in the world. All the others are ideas developed from those stories in different ways. I have also seen stories or movies with similar aspects to my writing, generally after i’ve written it. Amuses the heck out of my. Good read and good luck. Thanks for the excellent post.

Shannon A. Thompson

Can someone steal your book idea?

I tend to find there are two responses to this question:

  1. Absolutely! YES! Someone did that to meeee!
  2. NO WAY. Never happens. It’s impossible, because your idea can only be written by you.

To be honest, I think both of these answers are a little too black and white. If I had to share my opinion—which, obvs, I am—I believe “stealing an idea” lands somewhere in the middle of these two responses.

What do I mean by that?

I mean that I agree with both of them. Because, yes, someone can steal your idea. If you hand them your pitch or outline or character sheet, those people can take it and do something with it. Granted, now siding with the second answer, no matter what that person does with your idea, it will never be exactly how you would’ve done it, so one…

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