Why, When and How to Beta your Book.

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Sharing your story can be frightening, so I’ve asked the experts at BetaBooks to talk about how to get the most out of beta readers.

Please welcome guest writer, Paul Kilpatrick and learn the best practices in beta reading. In this context, beta reading is having someone else read your novel and get them to give you feedback that helps you make it a better story.

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Why, When and How to Beta your Book.

by Paul Kilpatrick.

Hi, I’m Paul Kilpatrick. My partner Andrew Burleson and I founded BetaBooks, a software tool to help authors organize their betas. Since it launched, our software has helped authors beta over 1000 books. We’ve had countless conversations with authors and readers about why they choose to run or participate in Betas. So let’s get into it.

Why to Run a Beta

There are at least…

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