What Authors Do When They Are Not Writing? – Guest Post by Fiona Tarr…

What Authors do when they aren’t writing with Fiona Tarr

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Chris asked me to share something different so I thought his readers might be interested in what authors do when they are not writing? Now I canโ€™t speak for all authors, but a little over ten years ago I took up a new sport. Iโ€™m nearly fifty now, so you might think I embarked on a little golf or tennis but I took up something I never really thought I could or should have been able to do.

My husband and I had just moved our family over two thousand kilometres across Australia from South Australia to Queensland. We purchased a business in tourism and sports coaching in a sport my husband had been totally addicted to for a number of years. Now I knew a lot about the sport, but I had never done it and as the part owner of a retail shop, I really felt the needโ€ฆ

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