Everything That Has Shaped the Stories I Tell As a Writer

I dont’ think it shaped me…More that it started me writing. I’m a Family History Researcher who one day got bored waiting on information so opened a document and started writing. This book is still unpublished…Needless to say it was historical and none of my books I have published are…I’ve been writing now since 2012.

Meg Dowell Writes

What shapes a writer’s creative mold?

For some, it’s a single event, or a person. Maybe a few separate turning points.

For others, it’s a collection of activities and accomplishments. Things they’ll always go back to, when they think about how they got here. Wherever “here” is.

I didn’t become a writer overnight. It’s taken years. And a lot of studying, “relaxing,” and hours upon hours upon hours of … yep, Netflix.

These are the reasons I can call myself a writer.

School. Despite all the years I spent wishing I didn’t have to study (many of them are documented ever-so-eloquently very early on in this blog’s archives), I have my degrees to thank for the luxury I have to write for a living. I spent many ours deep in both the arts and sciences (English and nutrition specifically), and I use both of those backgrounds daily, both at my…

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