Tips For Better Fiction Writing: The Pause.

Better Tips for Fiction Writing with Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre

your humble host

I’m writing a book series called Tips For Better Fiction Writing, in which I tackle all the rookie mistakes new writers make.

And hey, I made them, too.

Which is why I’m helping you not make them.

Until the next book in the series comes out, you’ll see these gems here on the blog.

Clarisse paused, leaning back in her chair. “Yes, I think you’re the right one for this job.”



Try not to write that someone paused.

Instead, write briefly about what happens during the pause.

That will create the pause for the reader.

Clarisse leaned back, eyeing the massive painting on the wall. A barrage of green and blue oil colors filled an enormous frame, with random dots of yellow throughout. A kind of modern art masterpiece of some sort.

She turned to me, nodding and smiling. “Yes, I think you’re the right one…

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