Tips for Better Fiction Writing: Write FAST

Stephen King always puts his manuscripts away for a few weeks before editing…This works for me. Like Dan I write fast when the muse actually visits 🙂

Dan Alatorre

your humble host

I’m writing a book series called Tips For Better Fiction Writing, in which I tackle all the rookie mistakes new writers make.

And hey, I made them, too.

Which is why I’m helping you not make them.

Until the next book in the series comes out, you’ll see these gems here on the blog.

Today, let’s talk about process. Try to stay awake.

People say I write fast.

That’s more true than they know.

They mean I seem to crank out books and chapters and blog posts, which I do. I wrote 5400 words in a few hours this morning.

But that’s not what I mean here.

When I have a scene, especially dialogue, I literally write it as fast as I can. Often the words are illegible and the scene is full of typos, and some parts of it make no sense.

It’s the cadence…

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