How to Write Freely and Without Fear

The Cat's Write

Have you ever experienced those moments when the plot hole in your novel is so magnanimous that you can’t even deal? So you than spend weeks fruitlessly debating whether you will ever write again?

If that’s a yes, then thank God I’m not alone! I’m suffering through I slight patch of writer’s block at the moment. However, I am still writing, I’m just not working on the novel I wish I was working on.

So I actually have this embarrassing little strategy I use to help combat writer’s block or laziness or fear or whatever it is, but instead of spilling my secret here, I gave it to RJ Rasmus who kindly posted it on his blog overnight. Feel free to continue reading over there!

If you haven’t heard of RJ Rasmus, he’s an aspiring novelist and cat dad who I first met over at twitter. At least, I’m fairly sure…

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