How to Use Scrivener as a Reference Library

I hated working out how to use Scrivener…However…I do like this idea 🙂

Story Empire

Greetings Story Empire readers! This week we continue with another use of Scrivener’s Inspector – Document References .

Just as a refresher, the Inspector is turned on by clicking on View in Scrivener. Slide down the menu to Layout and click on Inspector in the fly-out menu that is displayed (for keyboard command enthusiasts use CTRL + Shift + I).

Scirv Turn on Inspector

The Document References are accessed using the second from the left button located at the bottom of the Inspector.

Scriv Doc Refs Highlighted

To toggle between Document References and Project References click the up-down arrows.

Scriv Doc Refs Toggle

There are several other controls for the Document References. To Add/Remove references click on the +/- buttons. The + button reveals a menu that allows adding internal references from the project as well as external references (Look-up and Add or Create), all of which are pictured below:

The Add Reference Menu

The Add Reference Menu Displayed

Add Internal References Menu Displayed

Add Internal References Menu Displayed

Adding An External Reference Displayed

Adding An…

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