6 Lessons From Studying Creative Writing At Uni

I usually say the muse has gone on holiday…The weird thing is I tend to use FREE FLOW…similar to what you mention… Which is why I now have more unfinished drafts than published books. Keep up the reporting.

Uninspired Writers

Almost three years ago I began my degree, a part time course to fit in around my work. I’m studying English Literature because it is my passion, and it’s a combined course that included Creative Writing. With just one assignment left for the year I am three years down with three years left. Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

Writer’s block is real
Yep. It’s a real and recognised thing, at least in the academic world. It was a real relief to find this out. Do you ever wonder if claiming ‘writer’s block’ makes you a fraud, if it’s actually just procrastination or laziness? Well…maybe sometimes. But more often than not, that block you feel is a real stand still of your creative brain, and it can feel pretty much impossible to form a coherent sentence on paper. Everybody gets it, you’re not alone.
novel writingWhen you’re stuck ‘free write’

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