Becoming A Story Shaman: Unlock Your Creativity And End Writer’s Block for Good – by Marc Graham…

The muse/s continually ditch me and i end up writing something totally different. It’s also why I have so many unfinished drafts…

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on The Creative Penn:

When you feel your creativity isn’t flowing easily, what do you do to get things moving again? Marc Graham shares tools and ideas for tapping into all your levels of consciousness to banish writers’ block forever.


Tell me if this sounds familiar.

One minute you’re writing along, the Muse is singing, your characters are cooperating, and even the cat is giving you room to type your fast-flowing words.

The next moment, you’re stalled. You’ve written yourself into a corner, your characters have rebelled, and the Muse has ditched you for a bender in Vegas.

Been there? I sure have.

Writer’s block is something we’ll all encounter from time to time. But by understanding the psychology of the creative process, exploring the nature and source of Story, and adding a few tried-and-true tools to your writing kit, you can open the floodgates to your…

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