Can writing fiction be therapeutic? #WriterWednesday #AmWriting

As a person with Anxiety and Depression I find Writing great. Getting feelings down on paper or on a computer means you can bin it or delete it or turn it into a story. A lot of mine have become stories with HEA endings.

D.E. Haggerty

Memoir and other creative nonfiction writers often talk about the use of writing as therapy. But that doesn’t apply to fiction writing, does it? It sounds strange but maybe writing fiction can – at times – be therapeutic. Maybe – just maybe – writing fiction can help me to let go of old issues. I know it sounds strange but let me explain with an example.

HnS FP3At some point of the narrative of Hide Not Seek, it’s important that the main character, Pru, not know the names of all her students. I won’t go into nitty gritty details as it’s only a minor detail in the plot, but here you can read the passage to which I’m referring.

“I’m serious. I have no idea who you’re talking about. Is she a former student?” Gosh, she hated it when she forgot students’ names. She wasn’t great with names, but as a…

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