Setting Descriptions

Brilliant idea and something I’ve yet to do…

Story Empire

Ciao, amici. Today’s post is a continuation of the Story Bible series. So far, we’ve had an overview and discussed the series premise and character sheets. Today, we’ll cover settings.

Setting Sheet
If you thought the character sheet was easy, you’ll love this one. It’s even simpler. And, if you aren’t creating brand new worlds (like a sci-fi or fantasy author might), you have even fewer fields to fill out. (Or, if you have OCD tendencies like me, you’ll fill them out anyway, but it’ll only take a few seconds.)

If you did an extensive and exhaustive job of describing the story world in the series premise section, you’ll already have a head start on completing this sheet.

I created a simple table in Word. If you’d like to download it (to use as-is or change it to suit your needs), just click on the graphic.

The first row is the…

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