Writers blocked: Even fantasy fiction is now offensive – The Spectator Online…

Enjoyed the read, however, I can hardly believe some of the idiotic thrusts of words from some authors in this article… Why do some US Authors think they were the only country with a history of slavery..re-one book mentioned in this article. On top of this, the book was fantasy fiction. People really need to get over themselves.

I was reading in the news yesterday about North Korean women being sold into sex slavery just yesterday. Slavery is bad for any human, no matter their ethnic origin. We are…after all …born in the image of God.

Read my YA Fantasy…it is full of multi-cultural young adults …however, they aren’t really human either…lol…except one.

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Persecution is endemic in the vicious world of Young Adult publishing

It was Lionel Shriver who saw the writing on the wall.

Giving a keynote speech at the Brisbane Writers Festival three years ago in which she decried the scourge of modern identity politics, Shriver observed that the dogma of ‘cultural appropriation’ —which demands no less than complete racial segregation in the arts — had not yet wrapped its osseous fingers around the publishing industry.

But, she warned: ‘This same sensibility is coming to a bookstore near you.’

Reader, it has come.

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