How to Write Dialogue: Tips to Captivate Readers – by Roz Morris…

I love dialogue… It just flows for me and I can have a laugh..

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Why do we make such a fuss about dialogue? I’m going to give three reasons, and then share some ways dialogue can take your story to the next level.

Reasons we write dialogue

  1. Dialogue allows the reader to experience the characters at first hand.
  2. Dialogue adds visual variety to a page. The shorter paragraphs look like a faster read. Your weary reader, reading at bedtime, will be wondering when to stop and put the lights off. A scene that looks quick to read will tempt them on. And with luck, what you show in the dialogue scene will make them gobble another page after that. So dialogue is a technique we use for keeping the reader gripped. Sneaky.
  3. There’s a mystique about dialogue. Writers often tell me they find dialogue difficult, whereas their other prose flows effortlessly.

This point, the difficulty, seems a good place to start.

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