UK Self-Published Authors – Beware Of Geoblocking – by Derek Haines…

I’ve always known this with living in New Zealand. I have to use .COM for eBooks, as you mention most are available there anyway. I have always uploaded to .COM as well and made sure the other important stores are ticked. I’m surprised some don’t do this.

Product-wise I can still buy in the UK for UK family, just not send them kindle books. mind they prefer paperbacks anyway 🙂

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on Just Publishing Advice:

Many new UK self-published authors I have had reason to be in contact with are often unaware that their ebooks that are available on are restricted to UK buyers only.

Depending on where you live, Amazon’s geo-control of its Kindle stores can restrict what you can buy.

This is logical for physical products that need to be shipped by online retailers. But for electronic downloads such as ebooks, it is not always logical.

In many cases, you can buy ebooks from other Amazon stores. But it is not always the case.

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